The look out tower Janov

Golf tasting

At the golf course in Janov, we are happy to show you the charm and tension of the golf game. Leasing of the clubs and the necessary equipment is a matter of course.

Janov nine-course is the northernmost golf course in Bohemia. It is located in the Labské pískovce area and is directly adjacent to the Czech Switzerland National Park.

Walking or cycling

Behind the mystery of Czech Switzerland

Hřensko Gorges

In the imposing canyon of Kamenice you can take a boat trip along this river. The route is divided into two gorges - Wild and Silent. Between these gorges leads a picturesque hiking trail, which was built by Italian craftsmen at the end of the 19th century. The route connected to the Soutěšky will take you to the village Hřensko.
How to get to the gorges from us?
After the yellow marked hiking trail that leads around the Janov golf course, head towards the village of Růžová and at "Hájenky" you turn at the crossroads of tourist paths along the green path to the gorges of Kamenice.

Rocky town Schrammsteine

Another of the many natural pearls of the local region is the rocky town of Schrammsteine. It is about 10 km from Janov. There are several hiking trails - more or less challenging. You can look forward to a unique experience where you have to fight either carved stairs directly into the rock or climb the iron ladders. Rewarding for a view on the Schrammsteine Lookout, you will be able to see the beauty of the local virgin nature.

International part Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland

Dolský mill

A place with a magical, yet somewhat haunted atmosphere in the Czech Switzerland National Park. Place at the confluence of the Kamenice and Bělé rivers. Right there is the romantic Dolský mlýn. His mystery was enchanted not only by the visitors but also by the filmmakers. It is because of its romantic charm that Dolský mill "played" in several Czech fairy tales. Today Dolský mill is one of the most sought-after buildings in the Czech Switzerland National Park. The first written mention of this magical place dates back to 1515. At that time it was a three-wheeled mill with a saw. The mill was later widely used for burning wood, and therefore, during this period, the owners could not pump water into the grain and grind the grain. But they were allowed to produce beer and brandy, which was a certain amount of compensation. At the end of the Second World War, in 1945, the last inhabitants left the mill. Since that time, the mill has begun to break down.

Zubrnice Railway Museum

Open on weekends, holidays every day except Mondays.

Holiday in Czech Switzerland

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Swimming pool and aquapark Toskana Therme

Nhe official website of Toskana Therme in Bad Schandau reads: "Paradise of pleasant feelings for body and soul." This slogan totally reflects the essence of this device, which provides the best opportunity for relaxation in the region. This is achieved through a great and very varied number of different procedures. The flagship of the whole area is Liqiud Sound® - a flowing sound. When you turn it on, you just float in the weightless state in warm salt water, and in this idyll, the speakers over the water and under water are spreading sound that you feel in this environment quite differently than elsewhere. Don`t forget swimsuits

View points in Jetřichovice

The legendary circuit of the Jetrichovice walls, dominated by 3 perspectives - Marin's Rock, Vilémin Rock and Rudolf's Stone with a circular view. You can not only enjoy the beauties of the surrounding virgin nature, but also get insight into culturally-historical and topical natural themes on a nature trail that is 8 km long. While facing each of your prospects, you will often have to deal with iron ladders and stairs. However, you will be rewarded with impressive views of the gems of the National Park.

Places from Czech fairy tales

Pyšná princezna, S čerty nejsou žerty, Rebelové, Páni kluci, Tři bratři

The largest garden railroad in the world

Is located in the town of Kurort Rathen. The "Eisenbahnwelten im Kurort Rathen" is located in the Oberrathen district (on the left side of the Elbe). Over the area of over seven thousand square meters, it was built on a scale of 1: 22.5 over two years by husband Lothar and Margot Hanisch with ten co-workers.